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6-1-08: Recap

Spent the better part of a perfectly good Saturday dicking around at Hwy 15 & I-35 in OK awaiting the arrival of all the components for the development of storms. I took my wife this time since it was a short chase (she likes those) and this is the first opportunity she has had this year to get out there with me.
Some cells fired to our east in Osage Co. and went tornado warned, dropped a tornado or two and crashed. We missed those in favor of the environment further west at our location. As has happened time and again, awaiting what I believe is the better opportunity made a chase day into a "bust" day. But wait a minute - it wasn't a bust!
As we watched the sun set, a tower went up NW of Weatherford, OK. This tower would soon grow to be a monster; a monster that would produce baseball-size hail and very frequent, intense lighting.
The lightning opportunity got my attention so rather than just going home and watching the helicopter coverage on the local news, we drove to position ourselves SE of the cell by about 20 miles for lightning opps. We were not disappointed either. The CG was so intense I had trouble with exposures and getting my settings right. Just as I did, it was time to leave - lightning struck somewhere very near to us and after hearing David Drummond's lightning stories from last week, I was having nothing of it.
A short drive back to Moore at this point was nice and unlike any other chase this year. Chasing close to home isn't too bad - so long as your home isn't in the path!

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