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Forecast 5/13/08 - OK

Today is defiantly a chase day as things are coming together nicely for a round of severe weather. Tornadoes? Well, maybe. The further east in OK you go, the better the chance. Storms look to form though near OKC and points south along I-35 and the best dynamics are well east of I-35 as things sit right now. This may reduce the risk of tornado development early on. My target is east of OKC a little ways - as of right now.
The RUC has moved things a lot over the past three runs and this will be something to watch until around 3-4 o'clock when it's time to hit the road. One model even shows a supercell right over the OKC metro so this will be one to keep an eye on.
I will be streaming live video. Info is to the right in yellow.


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