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Well, here I sit, another couple hundred miles and 7 hours of seat time and what do I have to show for it? -- a gigantic chicken fried steak from a mom and pop restaurant near Purcell, OK. Look at that thing!
It was a pretty good one too. Stop into Sonny's at the junction of 59 and 77 and try one for yourself - nice folks too.
Today was a disappointment although we knew what we were getting into when we started south toward the target of Pauls Valley. After sitting for about 2 hours, we managed to find something to chase around, saw a couple CG's and that's the whole story - oh, and then there was that chicken fried steak... No video taken (other than streaming) and no pictures snapped.
Looks like an extended period of little to no activity so I'll squeeze in a camping trip and some boating before those long late May trips up north get started.

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