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5/1/08 - Interesting Night

As I write I'm listening to a media chaser tell Travis Meyer with KOTV out of Tulsa that a tornado is on the ground and causing power flashes on the west side of Pawhuska, OK in Osage County. I'm also listening to a streaming radio station out of SE KS and watching streaming video courtesy of SevereStudios and, of course, chatting in two separate chat rooms.
I continually ask myself why I chase storms when the coverage on TV and internet is so good! There's something about getting out there, I guess.

I got out for a little while this afternoon. Moore magic struck again and a beautiful cell developed to the NW of Norman, traveled right through Moore and became tornado warned over Midwest City. I streamed video to a couple OK stations and shot some structure photos and hail, then went home. Damage reports are coming in out of the Midwest City area now, mainly wind and hail. Looks like there will be several auto dealerships calling for "Hail Damage Sales!".

I called this chase early due to some other things I have going on this week but as far as I can tell, I didn't miss much, at least with the cell I was on. I'll post pics tomorrow at HamWx since blogger won't let me upload here in my blog at this time.

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