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SNOW, and a marketing observation

It appears the NAM and GFS agree the snow scheduled for arrival tomorrow night will be heaviest a little north of the areas hardest hit by the ice storm so this is welcome news. Still looking at 1″-3″ here where I am but I’d be surprised to see much more. Folks from Enid to Wichita will get a pretty good dump of up to 6″ or so. Not bad for December.

On a different note:
Being that my professional background is in business, specifically Marketing, I find it interesting to be in the middle of an area considered a disaster and under a federally mandated “State of Emergency” and insurance companies take advantage of the opportunity to market their services.
If you flip on an AM/FM radio in the area right now, here’s what you will hear:
“Due to the recent catastrophic weather event in your area, (Insert insurance company name here) would like to let you know that we are here to help with many different ways to file a claim. By phone by calling 1-800___, by calling your agent personally or logging in to www.____.com. We are here to serve you in this difficult time and wish you a fast recovery. Remember, (insert insurance company) is here for you when you need us. For more information about policies in your area, contact an agent or call (a different 1-800 #).”
Now insert company slogan “are you in good hands?” or whatever your insurance company’s slogan is.
Now, from a marketing standpoint, if you’re a Piece of Shit Insurance, Inc customer and you don’t have a commercial advertising your phone # and service information, you might feel inclined to change companies based on the fact that State Farm, Farmers and Allstate have bought every free commercial space in the region and appear to be helping their customers. That’s what they’re counting on.
One of my more naive friends said to me yesterday that he thought it was outstanding, the response the insurance companies are answering to this event with. “They are everywhere, informing people of what to do”. I just nodded my head.

I’m glad they are spreading information, don’t get me wrong. The fact of the matter though is if you belong to an insurance company worth its salt, you’re gonna have an agent and you’re gonna have his/her phone # or a 1-800 # handy.
Hell, my insurance agent called me.
These commercials disguised as public service announcements are for those who are under-insured or not at all.

Forecast: 3/17/08 - thoughts