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Forecast: 3/17/08 - thoughts

Not sure what the heck to think about tomorrow. The NAM seems to be slinging out the preferred data at this time and I'm not happy with the placement since it's out of my chase zone for this time of year. The GFS paints a pretty picture for an area between Ardmore, OK and Lawton, OK and also holds back the dryline movement until after 18z. The GFS is not handling this well though so splitting the difference is the mode at this point and maybe even leaning more toward the NAM solution at 12z rendering.
My wishcast puts chances best between Throckmorton, TX and Duncan, OK. Everything this far north will depend on placement of the heavy precip in store overnight through tomorrow morning. A more northerly track of this near-term activity could set the stage for a good chase day in the area. That said, I'll remind you that this is a wishcast...

I will have the HamWx chat room tonight at 9pm CDT to discuss the 00z run and plans for tomorrow. If you're available, stop by and say hi and share your thoughts.

Forecast: 3/17/08 - Texas

SNOW, and a marketing observation