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Yahoo! (no, not a new storm chaser...)

Yahoo Mail has been my default mail portal for quite some time. I have bought the extra little $20/year package so I can view and send mail with no advertisements and have my POP e-mail arrive and send as if it is from my POP machine, i.e., my office. This works seamlessly from my Blackberry which is a huge bonus.
In the past three months I have been receiving more and more spam mail and of late, this mail makes up 90% of the mail I get on a daily basis. In addition, Yahoo, in an effort to curb these spammers, has blackballed thousands of origination sources (IP’s) of e-mail I need to receive due to that fact that at one point in time, someone used accounts on the server IP to send spam to Yahoo users.
So now that my e-mail box is full of nothing but boner pill advertisements and girl on horse website ads, I am waving the white flag in surrender. (I guess I should post the disclaimer: Steve Miller is not interested in boner pills or horse play therefore these are unsolicited spam mails!)
My question is why can’t Yahoo manage to do what Google has done with their web-mail product? I’ve had a G-mail account since back when they were in beta in 2005. Never once have I had a spam mail make it to my inbox. Problem is, I’m the only person in the world apparently who hates their interface. I will not be using G-mail for my primary portal… Any other ideas? Will Yahoo get their shit together?

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