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Enough with the wind...

Click on the image above and take a look at wind speeds (the blue graph). Wow! These winds were related to a very strong, very swift cold front that moved through Oklahoma earlier today. I was not in town to see it but I understand it was very eerie to be out in as dust and objects were airborne as winds peaked.
My primary goal today was to pull my boat to OKC from Tulsa but 50MPH winds, a truck and a boat on a trailer are not things that go well together.

OKC media is again blowing up the potential for snow on Thursday. This image was produced by OUN and depicts almost exactly what the models are indicating in terms of coverage and amounts. I'm interested to see how much snow falls in NE OK / NW AR. looks like it could be up to 6".

Another windy day is in store for tomorrow although not near as windy as today. A burn ban has been put into effect by the OK gov. so tomorrow might be a "fire chasing day" here in central OK.

Yahoo! (no, not a new storm chaser...)

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