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Sunday Ice?

Been watching the GFS as the next system poises to affect weather here in Oklahoma and waiting for the NWS offices in the state to agree that there is a potential for a little icing on Sunday. If there is ice, it won't amount to much due to temps being forecast well above freezing on Sunday afternoon.
The map above is out of NWS OUN and is in agreement with what TUL thinks too.

Later in the day on Sunday things look a little wetter which is welcome here as things are beginning to really dry out. Tuesday also comes with a chance of decent rain.
Of course as I write I see promos running for the ten o'clock news with the words snow, ice and dangerous weekend travel being used. Oklahoma TV producers get so excited about the opportunity to get some extra viewership out of interesting weather. Too bad OKC weathermen can't seem to forecast the weather all that well.

A little house cleaning

Not sure how to feel about this...