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An open letter from a non-conformist

Created by Bill Doms
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If you do not chase storms, turn around now. This entry will not interest you in the least.
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One of my favorite things about blogging is the freedom to say what I want without having to deal with someone yanking my comments, censoring what I say or telling me my signature is more than 4-lines long and that I need to correct it. Welcome to the world of StormTrack.

I have mostly refrained from commenting on the CFDG conflict, Doswell's open letter to ST and CFDG's open letter to ST because my posts at ST summed up my thoughts and time is minimal for beating dead horses of late.

I have learned from all of this that while some will try to keep others in line and orderly via fear, pestering, private e-mails, hacking websites, etc, opinions are still opinions and until Doswell, or any of the others start putting gas in my car every spring, paying for all of my weather-related subscriptions, depreciation on my vehicle and hotel rooms, I will not conform.

Why should anyone conform? To gain the respect of others to whom you only know online and really have nothing to offer you but opinion?

By the way, I have listed Darwin/Darwinism in my post labels over the past week or so and have not had any google, yahoo, or any other search engines refer to my site due to that word.

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