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Happy Birthday Oklahoma!

At 9:16AM this morning a single gun shot was fired in Guthrie, OK marking the exact time at which Oklahoma became the 46th state in our Union.

Celebrations marking 100 years of statehood started last year in Tulsa with a huge fireworks display downtown along with other, more formal events, and have been ongoing throughout the state since then. The finale is tonight when a celebration will be held in OKC featuring famous folks from Oklahoma (yes there are a lot of them, believe it or not).
Tomorrow there will be another celebration marking the beginning of Oklahoma's next 100 years. This event will be on the Oklahoma River near downtown OKC and will include a fireworks show. This show is supposed to be the mother of all fireworks shows so I'm looking forward to seeing it.

I should mention that as I write this the big news in town is not the celebration, it's a protest by Native Americans on our state capitol. They call it "the celebration of 100 years of theft".
I say go back to your casinos and enjoy your free health care, reduced and tax-free vehicle registrations and free food and gasoline and I'll sit here with the collective Oklahoma non-Indian citizenship and continue to pay for it for you.

One last thing: the National Weather Service in Norman has put together some interesting information about the last 100 years, climate-wise that some of you might want to check out.
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Oh yeah, happy birthday Oklahoma!

Enjoy Monday and Tuesday

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