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Answer me this...

Every once and a while I like to write about something that perplexes me here in the HamWx blog and ask for clarification, information or opinions from those who read here regularly.
I have a good one today and I don’t want a bunch of people screaming “RACIST!” in my comments or think I am being a bad human being wondering this, but...

It seems pretty common these days for some ethnicities to be attracted to certain business models. Here are three examples:
Donut shops seem to all of the sudden all be owned by Asians
Coney Islands are of high interest to Greeks
Old mom and pop submarine sandwich shops are a hot spot for the Lebanese

I wouldn’t ever even care but now that I’ve moved to a different city well away from my hometown and see the same thing in local businesses here, it makes me curious.
So, since I probably won’t post here over the next day or so, here’s your chance to help me figure this out. My best guess is that immigrants like the idea of cash businesses but I have no solid reason for this belief.
Any ideas?

Revisiting my redneck side

As promised...