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Dirty Little Secrets (televangelist edition)

Lindsay & Richard Roberts

One of my favorite things is when people are exposed for who they really are. In this particular case, I’m profoundly amused due to the subjects and accusations.

Back when I was pimping non-profit for a meager living and had to deal with the rich people of Tulsa on a regular basis, one of the more fascinating of the Tulsa socialites I always liked to hear moneyed people gossip about was Richard Roberts. Roberts is President of Oral Roberts University and is a prominent televangelist - “Prominent” as televangelists can be in my opinion considering they are preying (not praying) on those with little to no hope and even less money, yet asking them to "sew seeds" and buy "miracle water", etc. etc.

Well, anyway, Richard Roberts has a disgruntled former ORU professor who is slapping the university and Roberts with a lawsuit for being forced out of work due to non compliance with a direct order by Roberts to utilize university students to assist with a Tulsa City Counsel campaign supporting Randi Miller (also a prominent Tulsa douchebag).
From what I can tell, this is your typical lawsuit that is filed in order to air some dirty laundry. You know the type – someone gets sued for virtually nothing but included in the publicly filed lawsuit is page after page describing how an otherwise private person REALLY lives his/her life.
If you are a donor to ORU, the Roberts Ministries, or any other entity having to do with the Roberts family, you will be equally interested in what appears on page 7-10 of the filed lawsuit provided on the KTUL Tulsa website. You will be very interested to learn that your miracle water money is being directly applied to a new Mercedes and to pay for private jet service for the Roberts’ kids senior trip. That seed you sewed? Well, that went to Mrs. Roberts cell phone bill from when she was calling and texting underage boys in the middle of the night… Yeah, it’s a good read…

See the public information HERE

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