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Oklahoma State Fair 2007

Andrea and I attended the Oklahoma State Fair today for a few hours of walking around aimlessly looking at mostly crap while eating and drinking cheese on a stick, a jumbo corn dog, sweet potato fries, an Indian taco, sweet tea, root beer and, of course, cotton candy.
Her wedding ring is shiny again and my glasses are very clean (we get this type of upscale service each year at the fair courtesy of the carney'esque) and we drank a shot each of something derived from a seed from trees that are grown in Mulvane, KS. We were told we would be free of cancer and have x-ray vision by next week if we buy a $25 8oz bottle.
We decided to take our chances...

Since we were there on a Monday afternoon when normal folks are working, the people watching was decent with most of them fitting in the "unemployed" or "retired" categories. Today helped me understand which demographic is buying all that Oklahoma Sooners football apparel.

One true accomplishment though was that we picked out the tornado shelter that will be installed in our garage floor sometime in the next few weeks.
I took a few pictures; they follow:

Oklahoma City's version of the space needle. It was windy so I couldn't convince Andrea (who gets sick in a glass elevator riding between two floors...) to take a ride to the top...

2007 marks Oklahoma's 100th year of statehood. In the sand castle exhibit the "artists" were creating one helluva cool castle representing many of the state's attributes. Note the tornado near the guy on the rights right shoulder. By his left shoulder is lightning.

Would you like to try deep-fried SPAM? Not me...

One of my favorite parts of the fair is the auto area where new cars are displayed with reasonable sticker prices to lure you in, then when you get to the dealership the prices aren't so good... Regardless, there were several concept vehicles there - here's the Ford Super Chief.
Is it smart to name a vehicle after a Native American leader? We all know what happened to the Colleges and High Schools who tried to name their mascots that...

Here's the concept Jeep. It had two HEMI engines in it with two drive-trains and its skin was carbon fiber. Overkill?
Serious though, is this really a concept or a total and complete waste of time and money? Why are American auto makers failing?
Toyota and Honda didn't have concept vehicles... they were probably spending the past year making decent vehicles for everyone to actually drive...

Now that I've bashed the U.S. auto makers all to hell; I must admit my wife and I both drive Dodges. I have to hand it to Dodge - of the concepts I saw today, the Dodge Rampage (above) was the sexiest one there and certainly the one that looks closest to potential production.

NASCAR #44 UPS Toyota Camry driven by Dale Jarrett
The Oklahoma State Fair is a little different than the Tulsa State Fair we are used to. The same vendors, rides and games were present but the overall set-up was less congested and very easy to navigate. Perhaps Tulsa residents should check out the Oklahoma State Fair in OKC rather than the Tulsa State Fair since several Tulsa groups are encouraging a boycott of the Tulsa State Fair due to the County's decision to kick the old Bell's Amusement Park out of their spot near the fairgrounds earlier this year. Here is a little more info (read the last line or two).
That is the subject of another blog.
Time for me to wrap this one up and go throw up all that crap I ate today.

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