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I give up...

...on ever having another decent weekend on the lake without rising water and the associated hazards.
The NWS out of Tulsa has issued a Flash Flood Watch until late Wednesday night which is never a good thing. Long Flood Watches are usually a bad deal no matter how you look at it. In addition to ungodly amounts of rain over the next three days, since a Flash Flood Watch has been issued for 48 hours, all the TV stations will be pimping their wares and throwing their damn graphics up all over my TV.
I have learned a little trick with these graphics folks... If you have a High Definition-capable cable box, use the HD channels and enjoy television without graphics. Even if you don't have an HD TV, if your cable box will tune to HD channels you can enjoy a clear picture free of local TV weather graphics too. Doubt this will be the case for much longer as stations move closer to being HD capable but we can enjoy it while it lasts.
There is really no way to avoid graphics here on the chase blog. Sorry.
Here's how the next three days are forecast to turn out:

Godaddy observation...

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