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Godaddy observation...

Recently I bought a few domain names for a business I am planning to start sometime in the next year or so. I have bought domains in the past from godaddy.com and considered the ease of use and price point very appealing so godaddy was my registrar of choice for seemingly obvious reasons.
I have always wondered how a company like godaddy could offer domain names for $8.95/yr when most other registrars are selling names from the same pool for twice as much and Network Solutions has never changed their $35/yr price.
I now know how they supplement their income…

I purchased three domains. All three were purchased under the same business name with the same physical mailing address. Since about two weeks after the domain purchase I have received at least two to four pieces of mail from various venders addressed to the business name and address I listed with godaddy. They sold my information to god knows who!
So far most of the mail has been from credit card companies with CapitalOne being the chief offender. I honestly can’t imagine how much mail that company must send every day.

I realize anyone could do a who-is on a domain search and find out a mailing address and company name then send mail to me. For that many companies to acquire information as quickly as they did, the information would have to be sold.

So, for those of you considering the purchase of domain names for a business, do yourself a favor and don’t check the little box that asks if the registered domain will be for “corporate use”.

I'll let this slide though cause Godaddy.com has some redeeming qualities; one of which is the "godaddy girls". You can see one fine example in the picture above. And more of her in the commercial below.

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