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Forecast: 6-7-07 (Looks interesting)

At 1630 SPC pulled the moderate risk down into NE OK. I see very good reason for this as variables continue to come together in support of an active evening here in the Tulsa area.
The bottom map is the "Tornado Potential" grid map put together by the NWS in Tulsa. This map indicated a 17% tornado risk as of this morning and has since been upgraded to 24% in Tulsa. For those of you who do not look at these grid maps very often, 24% is very, very high.
I'm interested to see how today pans out.
The NAM and RUC are coming together nicely now and indicate development will begin west of Tulsa but it appears the best air will be just East of Tulsa.

There is an annual festival/concert series in Pryor, OK called CounrtyFever. Every year the festival occurs the first full weekend in June and every year it manages to get hit by a severe storm. Looks like this year will be no different.

Nowcast: 6-7-07 MCD Issued

Forecast: 6/707