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Cash Cow: Pantry Doors?

Yeah, the picture is crooked - blame my wife...

So Andrea and I spent an exhaustive 8 hours looking at homes in Moore yesterday. We had an idea of what we wanted to buy but had to see everything else in the price range just to be sure. Its' a good thing we did this little exercise because it turns out there was a home that blew the socks off the one we initially liked. I'll post pictures and all the poop after we have a contract on it.
We viewed over 20 homes yesterday and many were built in different years by different builders. These were all over the Moore area and were different shapes, sizes and offered all kinds of different features.
One thing each of the homes had was a walk-in pantry. Rather than just making a door that matches the cabinetry of the rest of the kitchen area, every home we went in had this stupid glass in the door. The first couple of times I saw it I didn't really notice but it became quite evident after a little while that there is literally zero competition in the pantry door glass industry (perhaps I should begin looking for seed money for a pantry glass plant...). Every one of them were exactly the same and in every home.
This would not bother me at all but If I'm looking to buy a home in a healthy price range, I don't want it to look like everyone else's house in any respect. Builders should realize this and take it into consideration.
I've turned this into a rant so I will stop writing now and just say: the house we are offering on most definitely does not have a door that says "pantry" on it...

Bought this today...

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