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Forecast: 5-5-07

Okay, so I couldn't help myself and went and looked over some maps. Dodge City, KS to Pratt, KS look really good for some nasty high-end tornadoes today. This area is where everyone is converging though and on a Saturday chase I like to keep my options open and sometimes opt for a lesser recognized target so I'm not shooting the same awesome tornado as 170 other people who managed to read a map and afford a camcorder (reference: Mulvane 2004).
I never write targets on chase-day when I'm chasing unless they are stupid-obvious. Not that anyone really cares what my targets are but regardless, it's good to hear other chaser's opinions about targets so I like to share mine when I can. Since I'm looking out my hotel room window at the Sears Tower right now in Chicago, it's obvious I'm not chasing. Here's my secondary target that you can shrug your shoulders and shake your head about:
Glazier, TX to Booker, TX

Best of Luck!

Now: 5/5/07

Forecast: 5/5/07