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Forecast: 4/24/07

Funny story:
Back when I bought my truck I traded in a Jeep Cherokee which was my chase ride. I promised myself then that I would not chase in my brand new truck until it is out of warranty. There is no rhyme nor reason for this determination aside from the fact that it didn't seem like a good idea to subject a new car to chasing. When a vehicle goes out of warranty I no longer consider it to be "new".
Three years ago today I bought my truck. Today I will also turn over 36,000 miles. Today will be the truck's first official chase. How coincidental...
Granted, my truck at 13MPG on a good day will not be a good bet for those trips to Nebraska but for short day trips I find it to be quite comfortable and roomy.

Yesterday, the 12z NAM indicated a target area just east of Stillwater, OK at 21z today. This feature carried through to the 18z NAM run then disappeared at the 00z rendering.
The NAM no longer features this area but the RUC picked up on it for 21z today almost dead on in the same spot: eastern Payne Co.

The NAM has bullseyed an area in Seminole, OK on the past two runs. Too bad the NAM has handled the past few events so poorly.

Of course the area between Ark City, KS and Newton, KS has looked good for the past three days and I still have an interest in seeing what happens there but with the show practically in my backyard, I won't venture too far.

Today's show is about to start. As I wrote this entry MCD558 was issued advising a tornado watch would be issued before noon for areas in KS and another will be issued for OK later.

Thought this was funny

Forecast 4/24/07