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Forecast: 3/27/07 - UPDATE

I'm sticking with the "a little west of Childress" target although I think anywhere between Childress and Amarillo look good right now. The RUC changed a lot in the past couple of runs and I'm now dropping the Buffalo, OK target. I'm sticking with the Oakley, KS target and adding Ogallala, NE. The addition of Ogallala is an oversight on my part. I didn't have my mapping program zoomed out enough. When I saw the Tornado Watch go up I checked it out. Looks like a pretty exceptional event could unfold up that way this evening.
Back to the
Childress area:
I am favoring the area about 50 miles up 287 toward AMA. This is going to be a good day for chasers in that area. Storm speeds are slow, LCL's are low and visibility is decent. Could this be a long track tornado evening?
Wish I were there.

Forecast: 3/28/07 - PDS Tornado Watch

Forecast: 3/28/07