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Forecast 2/28/07 (not really)

This is a non-forecast due to the fact that it is a surprisingly busy day at the office.
Looks like it will be a potentially interesting evening although I have not done anything outside of look at combo graphics so I can't say for sure how interesting I think it could get. I have thrown my name in the hat for net control duties tonight should something pop so listen in on the radio if you have one. I will not be chasing.
-Kelly, go with the bulls eye for this evening.
-Aaron, your target looks like the best one in OKLA.

A giant HEADS-UP for tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised if Thurs doesn't bring with it the first SPC high risk of the season. For you armchair radar addicts tomorrow should be an amazing day.

3/1/07 Forecast (Overnight)

Forecast graphics