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Easily Amused...

I logged in to my yahoo e-mail account this morning to find the most useful upgrade yet - messenger!
I use yahoo religiously for e-mail and have appreciated the many upgrades they have made over the past 6-months. I have used yahoo messenger to keep in touch with friends and people in the chase community for a few years but stopped using it in my current position because of the nature of my business (medical) and perceived security issues, etc.
Yahoo has integrated it in their web-based e-mail so now there is no application to install or pop-ups, noises, etc that occur when someone messages me. IM's are sorted when they arrive in tabbed screens that behave like IE7 tabs. Very easy to keep track of messages.
Anyway, I just thought I would advertise a little for yahoo I suppose. I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with next!
BTW, if you are gonna use yahoo as your primary e-mail reader like I do, I suggest buying the $20/yr package so you can avoid advertisements and have the ability to use it for many different e-mail addresses, etc.
Now this REALLY sounds like an advertisement.

Oh Crap...

Republicans Rejoice...