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2/23-24/07 Forecast

Looking things over this morning, the Woodward area still looks prime for T-storm development this evening but the primary target has moved south a little to Sieling, OK.
Storms will most likely fire SW of the target; remember, this is an intercept situation due to storm speeds.
Sounds like there are a few chasers biting on this one and to them I say good luck. There is plenty of potential out there, just not optimum for me for today.
Rest assured, there will be plenty of moisture in the area by tonight for you naysayers.

Saturday has changed shape with a new focus on SE Arkansas for me for traditional severe. West central Kansas looks healthy for a cold core type event. I say “type” because the low will not be completely closed off as the Davies studies designate. I suppose I should come up with a name for this non-closed low event so people down the road can call it a classic Miller set-up. Ha
I like an area 50mi south of Hays, KS for Saturday tornado potential.
I’ll keep looking over data for the Arkansas area and post something later.

2/23-24/07 Forecast (Current Dewpoints)

2/23-24/07 Forecast