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Weekend Winter Weather: Changes?

Is change in the air?
Seems discussions from both TSA and OUN are touching on possibly warmer temps and are revamping forecasts accordingly. As the system spins in from the baja, models are now more contradicting than ever. Mode is in question in the southern portions of both CWA'a although from Tulsa and points NW into the Wichita, KS area should still be ready for snow; 4-6" according to the map...

As is always the case, the news stations covered their asses by drawing a line for accumulation and/or mode right through the middle of Tulsa county. This allows the station to verify their forecast regardless of the amount that actually falls. Smart!
I did notice on this round that the dividing line for the NWS forecast (above) cuts right through Tulsa county. Since NWS uses a computer-guided grid forecast based on models, I'm sure this is a coninsidence.

I'm anxious to see what actually ends up happening with this system. I have a feeling it will be one of those surprise events where it goes to one extreme or another. We'll likely either get 10" or snow or an inch of mix.

Weekend Winter Weather: Shot in the arm

Weekend Winter Weather: latest graphic