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Ice Storm 2007: OVER?

Our three-round winter weather event here in NE Oklahoma ended up being a four-round event with one heck of a dismal result for residents from McAlester, OK to Miami, OK.
In Missouri there are problems too but we have been so isolated here with tons of local coverage that I haven't spent much time looking at news from that area. I hope they came out a little better than down here.
Next Phase:
The primary problem with the forecast for the next couple of days is that the most damage to trees, power lines and structures is yet to come as winds will begin to pick up. Gravity alone is stress enough to break limbs and power lines, add wind to that and damage can occur very quickly and over a broad area. Given the primary areas of icing, I hate to think that some of that scenery will disappear because of this event but that looks to be the case.

As for documenting this event, I feel like things went very well. Between Aaron and I tag-teaming video and a few new buyers showing up thanks to MattPatt, this was a very fine weekend from a chaser's point of view. I never hope for catastrophic events but they will happen regardless of whether I'm there pointing a camera at them or not.
I figure I might as well be there to document it.

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