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Wild Wintry Weekend Ahead?

TV stations are running their winter weather promos during commercial breaks, winter weather potential tops the newscasts and we are at least 5-days out on this system. I personally think the grocery stores and kitty litter companies pay big bucks to news stations to report on the pending disaster...
By disaster, I mean 2"-4" of snow in Tulsa OK.
Regardless, it appears now that wintry precip will hold off until Sat night but with the way the models have been treating this system the past couple of days I would place bets on the onset of some type of wintry precip sometime between Friday at noon and Sat by midnight. Yeah, this is a wide range but with sporadic model output, that is where I am with it.

Marketing fact of the day: Wal-Mart has a person who's job it is to do nothing but watch weather systems and order/move certain grocery items to areas where large storm systems are about to hit. It has been found that pre-storm stockpiling by Wal-Mart shoppers results in record sales of very specific products. The #1 selling product for potential stormy areas is strawberry Pop Tarts.

So, go hurry to the grocery store NOW, rob the shelves of kitty litter for the trunk and Pop Tarts for the belly and get ready for the storm of the century - or just another dusting, depending on where you get your news...

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