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The Lake Gods Smile Upon Us

NWS Tulsa predicts over an inch of rain on Friday alone. Another .25 is predicted on Sat. The above graphic is from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and depicts the current water level at Keystone Dam on Keystone Lake.

The two graphics above are very important as one is directly related to the other... duh.

Summer 2006 was plagued with a mild drought here in NE Oklahoma but more extreme drought was experienced all around us. This affected tributaries to NE Oklahoma lakes and resulted in low lake levels, decreased recreation and the destruction of 1.5 props on my boat.

Fortunately, the potential for a full lake come summertime is looking very good. Forecasts at the macro-level are leaning toward a wet spring. With that on the horizon and the current, somewhat large water-producing systems barreling through over the past two weeks, Friday and another chance a week from Friday, we should be in good shape. This would be fine with me as props are expensive!

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. If you have an issue with me saying "Christmas", screw off!

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