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Handed Over

Saddam has been handed over to the Iraqi's and it is reported he will be executed by Saturday. Keep in mind they are way ahead of us time-wise so this could be very swift depending on whether news agencies are figuring in the time differential or if they are reporting what they learn as they learn it. I'm hoping for the latter so he will be dead sooner.
I wonder what it feels like to be completely healthy and know you will not see another day? Must suck. I hope it really sucks for him. To go from a filthy rich lifestyle none of us could ever imagine to hanging from a rope your own people put around your neck... ouch.
Hang in there Saddam, it will be over soon. Please don't die immediately though. Hang there for a while and put on a show for us.

Killers suck.

What is todays date again?

The Lake Gods Smile Upon Us