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Finally Slick

Here is the latest NWS graphic.
I was able to get out for about 30 minutes earlier as the first round of sleet moved into town from the SW. Already, ice was forming on power lines and trees. Grass was shedding the ice in Tulsa but north of here in Bartlesville things are a little different with a layer of ice already covering most everything, including the grass.
This is expected to go on until tomorrow morning when freezing rain and sleet will turn over to snow. Snow accumulation still looks to be on track for a 8" to 10" total by Friday morning.
We could be on track for a record breaking snow storm for November should everything pan out.
For those who sent me personal e-mail earlier regarding my comment about idea stealing, thanks! I can tell you I have not been contacted by any attorney's as of yet regarding the stolen trademarked technique of shooting and selling weather video.

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