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Wind 11/14-15/06

Looks like we are in for one heck of a wild ride here in Oklahoma over the next 16 hours or so. Already wind is gusting to 53 in the panhandle and similar gusts can be expected all the way over to OKC or so tonight into the early AM, then gusts in the 40's for eastern OK toward morning.I have thrown up a couple of maps below. Both maps indicate wind speed, at around 10:20pm CDT.

Storms over SE Oklahoma blew up as was forecasted. A couple of them are quite impressive with high winds and .5" hail. Looks like a nice amount of rain should fall in the Tulsa area overnight. Wish a cell would park itself over a couple of the area lakes that are in the process of drying up...

Wind 11/14-15/06 II

River and Hawks Beware