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Spent Tuesday evening at the NEOCAMS meeting here in Tulsa. For those of you saying, what the heck is NEOCAMS, it's the acronym for: Northeastern Oklahoma Chapter of the American Meteorological Society.
Tuesday evening's guest was Jim Giles of KOTV Channel 6 in Tulsa. Jim will retire next week and this was one of his last public appearances. He is quite the entertainer.
Jim discussed the period prior to his 22 long years at KOTV. The hour he talked to the group was a trip down memory lane for him and a meteorological history course for the rest of us. Hearing his stories makes one realize just how far technology has come, especially meteorologically.

Aaron Cunningham and I waiting on dinner to arrive. Bob, you should have been there man!

For anyone not involved in NEOCAMS, watch for a meeting coming up in January and join in!

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