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Moving HamWx to MySpace

Just kidding... ha

In the past few weeks several of my friends have discovered myspace. They have been telling me of the networking abilities of this online community and the capability to track down damn near anyone.
I have always hated the whole myspace thing due to the negative press it has gotten since its inception. Something about top news stories being about kids and teens being preyed upon at myspace just always turned me off. Hummm.
I gave in though and about a week ago I created an account so I could search for long lost friends, jerks and even some family. While I think myspace is a little more intriguing than I did before, there will be absolutely no chance of me moving my blog over to the minimal profile I keep there. Don’t go changing your bookmarks…

Some things I have observed while on myspace:

  • I hardly talk to anyone I went to high school with. They were mostly replaced by those I went to college with. No offense… It appears though that if I so desire, I can catch up with about 15% of my graduating class

  • Pictures of random people on myspace are hilarious. It’s as if people have no actual photos of themselves! Basically what you can expect to see in one’s profile are pics of an individual with bits and pieces of another person who was cut out of said picture

  • People I used to know are now much larger which makes me feel a helluva lot better about myself. I suppose that kind of thing happens with age. I have to say there are a couple of people from high school and one from college I looked up who “blew-up”. They deserved it and I’m happy they are the way they are. Karma is a bitch

  • The reason I would never move this blog to myspace is because the control panel (for lack of better explanation) and editing abilities suck. Plus, I don’t think you want my favorite music blaring in the background when you are at work reading a forecast or rant here on the HamWx blog

The only thing I took away from myspace is the “friends” concept.
This blog has evolved into much more than a forecast and storm chasing catch-all straight from my brain. It has family pictures, personal rants AND weather stuff. Therefore, I think it’s time to start expanding the links portion to the right on this page and add a few friends with blogs who are outside the storm chase community.
No worries though, I won’t be linking to anyone with myspace accounts so you can leave the volume knob where it is.

For anyone who does not understand the picture I posted at the top of this entry, go open a myspace account and you will understand.


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