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Heading back toward Tulsa on 412. Just shot some decent lightning. I'll post pictures in the next few days.

I won't call today a bust due to the fact that we knew going in to it that there was little possibility of anything aside from hail and wind to be seen. The lightning show was what made today worth it.

Here are some stats:
# of digital photos snapped: 139
# of laptops in the car on this chase: 5
# of cell phones for four people: 7
# of cell phones disabled due to lid not being properly installed on a large coke: 1
# of one-armed hand tossed pizza throwers at the Pizza Hut in Enid: 1
# of miles traveled so far: 366.6
# of miles we will travel for this entire chase: 437.5
# of fuses blown and replaced with larger, more potentially damaging fuses: 2
# of "rabbit turd" pizzas ordered at Pizza Hut (ask one of us about this sometime): 1
# of lottery tickets a jackass in KS bought, won, redeemed, bought again, redeemed again, etc. as we waited in line for snacks as the first storm of the day went up: 17
# of 1978 limousines, currently serving as a home, parked in an Arby’s parking lot: 1 (Picture to come – stay tuned)
# of bugs on my computer screen right now: 2
# of times we checked and double checked to see if Kansas liquor stores were really closed on Memorial Day: 3 or more

Waste of Time

What can I say about Harper...