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Objects May Be Closer...

I have never posted one of those pictures where the side-view mirror shows the subject and the shooter. I guess now the reigning authority on storm chasing (whoever that might be this week) can send me my Storm Chaser Certificate of Completion since I have now publicly shared this picture and a picture of my cat; both are requirements I'm convinced.

So it snowed in Tulsa last night. I shot video for a couple of buyers in the area as the storm moved in, then spent a couple of hours out this morning shooting additional footage. Turns out after a drought like we have had, news stations are VERY interested in buying video. Humm, Imagine that!
An interesting thing happened to me this morning while shooting in an outdoor mall parking lot. The office manager for one of the tenants, a Doctor's office, approached me while filming. He asked who I was shooting for and I told him. He offered me $20.00 to shoot his office and sign and ensure it got played during the news. Interesting...
I did not accept the money due to the fact that there are no guarantees in news but it did make me wonder for a brief moment if there is money to be had for such things. I decided this was indeed a fluke and would be impossible to derive income from what amounts to advertising.
I just watched the news of the station I sold to and sure enough, the video made it and the business had about 20 seconds of exposure right before the weather segment.

Anyway, it appears there will be another wave of winter wx tomorrow so again I will be out shooting. This bit of winter weather has helped me work out some equipment issues before storm season.

BTW, you have all heard me bitch and moan about the latest version of Pinnacle. Pinnacle Studio Plus 10 appears to finally be stable with it's latest patch, 10.5.
I have put the software through just about everything I can think of and it has not skipped a beat... Well, except when we hooked Bob's HighDef beast to the laptop and it said: "*$&#* you!"
Until next time.

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