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Winter Weather Advisory

Well, I stand corrected and give kudos who those who had faith in the return moisture needed to help the chances of precip out.
The NWS in Tulsa issued a Winter Weather Advisory around 1:30PM today and, during the course of the workday, I missed it completely. Regardless, it has been issued and Tulsa is right on the southern edge of the affected area.

2" is possible up around Bartlesville and up to 1" is possible in T-town. I am anxious to see how this plays out. All I really want is some form of precip to fall on my yard.

I wrote about one of my many resolutions last week and you are viewing another of them now. I have resolved to do everything humanly possible, short of enrolling in an Operational meteorology Masters Program, to advance and document my forecasts. Please don't count today's forecast against me! heh...
I use my blog and forecasts for chase accounts, sharing with friends (and the occasional passer-by) and most importantly, learning from my mistakes.
In order for me to find my forecasts easier and depict the type of forecast it is when I copy my blog entries to the chase logs at HamWx, I will be coloring the text according to what kind of event I am forecasting. Generally, this will be similar to SPC colors to indicate severity of the forecast but sometimes I might just think differently and change colors to indicate my thinking. I'll just have to see how it works out.

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