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Spoke Too Soon!

Could it be? Could precip be on the horizon in the near term? Looking over NAM and RUC this morning, a closed low will form later this afternoon, evening and, providing we can get a little moisture this far north, enough forcing will be available to perhaps create a little snow! So, not only is there wet stuff in the forecast, it is in the form of snow. Unfortunately, it appears any accumulations will be north of Tulsa.

Right now, 50's dew points are surging into SE OKLA where my original focus for precip was yesterday when I hollered "bust" for my area (Tulsa). I still will be surprised to see decent moisture make it this far north but welcome it if it does. This is one forecast I don't mind getting wrong!
I'll be updating a few times today probably.

On a different note, I keep coming across the above picture on the internet and I have been meaning to post it here. Today I found it again and still think it is quite funny. I'm not sure who's it is but knowing my luck there is a letter already in the mail with a bill from someone (or their attorney) representing their Photoshop prowess. Regardless, it is funny.

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