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A New Hobby

Well, I'm not busy enough I guess so I think I will take up a new hobby; one that will fit nicely within my favorite hobby. I think I will take what I have seen on various forums and apply it to each of my future forum posts.

What is that you might ask?
Well, when someone posts a topic about apples, I will write a big, long reply explaining how apples are nothing like oranges and proceed to inform everyone that I personally like grapes therefore I own a vineyard. I will tell you that grapes are better than apples AND oranges and that there really is nothing on the market that could ever beat a grape. Everyone should own grapes, not apples. Why would you even consider an apple? I mean apples suck and anyone who likes apples or would consider even buying an apple is a loser. I wouldn't be caught dead with an apple. But I sure love grapes!

I know forums are designed for users to give and get opinions of others but when did it become okay to turn topics around so people can reply and brag about their grapes? Why do people not make comments about the topics at hand or simply not post at all?
If you want to talk about grapes, make another topic; don't get a topic about apples off track.

I guess I should have put this in "Steve's Musings" but it's already here so I ain't movin it now.

A New Toy

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