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Winter Wx for Oklahoma

Believe me; I have tried very hard to not play around with a forecast for this winter weather event. I failed. I probably still won't share much here though - mainly because I SUCK at forecasting winter weather. I feel though that if I let it slide by without mentioning it here, I will kick myself later.
I'm not sure where my infatuation with archiving weather events came from. I guess I like looking back through the blog and seeing what I have experienced, what forecasts I totally bombed and who I pissed off along the way by sharing my opinion.

The local mets on TV are cracking me up. Each night since last Friday, they have been trying to forecast this event. They generally play it safe and mark the snow line separating the 5" area and the 3" area right through the middle of Tulsa. I-44 is always the dividing line, regardless of the winter event for which they are forecasting...
NWS is downplaying the snow and really concerned about the bitter cold. 12 degrees tonight is the forecast low. Yes, that is cold - but no reason to panic, guys.

Anyway, I say 3" in Tulsa (all of Tulsa). 6" from Bartlesville north about 60 miles and west to Wichititty. East of Tulsa will see less than 3". South of Tulsa could actually see more than Tulsa which is odd but probable. Hugo might see up to around 5"!
Looks like anything that does fall will be around for a few days. Daytime highs won't break the freezing mark until Friday.

Dallas, are you freaking out yet?

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