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Another Round?

Well, Tuesday is shaping up to be our next round of precip in Eastern OK. Looks like there will be enough moisture in the area (especially areas East of Tulsa) for the incoming cold front to trigger some decent showers. Why is this news? Oklahoma is experiencing one of its driest years on record. With wild-fires being a major issue up until our minimal snowfall earlier this week, concern for a return of favorable fire weather is on everyone's minds - well, everyone who lives in a rural area anyway. Let’s hope Tuesday brings us a decent amount of precip so we can get through the holidays and in to a wetter January soon.

On a lighter note, the President of the Steve Miller Fan Club is apparently considering seeking reelection to a second term. The announcement was made today at around 2:30 at our favorite chaser stomping-ground, StormTrack. As usual, this bid has increased traffic to my website and blog and that is always appreciated.
I believe my supporter is awaiting my endorsement as a familiar IP continues to refresh my blog here anxiously awaiting my response. I'm positive this will lead to an official announcement in the StormTrack forums which will be locked and/or erased as usual due to bringing unnecessary bullshit to people who simply don't care.
Congratulations, friend!

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