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Forecast for 11/27/05 part VI

00z looks like it pushed the system back east a tad but some interesting precip consistencies between 18z and 00z caught my eye. First off, my target for cold core activity tomorrow looks like it could verify. Yates Center, KS has been of interest to me for a couple of days but I'm not a good forecaster of cold core - I kinda hope it does something there just so I can verify this forecast!
Thanks to Jon Davies for putting so much information up on the web in order to help people like me identify potential in these instances.
As for regular play associated with the front/low, activity looks to be close to home (home being Tulsa).
I keep seeing forecasts and graphics for activity in MO and can't seem to understand why. I can only assume these are wish-casts since these posting are out of range for the good stuff down here. I only forecast for chaseable situations though… Lord knows I will be chastised on ST for disagreeing with someone so I will shut up and let my forecast do the talking.
MO will see storms; severe ones at that. They will not have storms that are chaseable during daylight hours and that is why I disagree with some forecasts.
500mb winds are crazy fast and the low appears to be holding at around 990 forecast-wise.
I suppose I will stay up for the SPC update just for fun. I might write more later but most likely tomorrow morning will be my next stab at a forecast.

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