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Forecast for 11/12/05 part IV

As you can see between the two maps I have posted above (click for larger view), CAPE concentration migrated north for the 00z forecast between the 06z run and the 12z run. NOTE my earlier forecast for why I am displaying 00z maps when it is obviously dark at 00z.
I am starting to see a common target and, as it has been several times this year, looks to be between Enid and Blackwell. As I see it now, there should be no problem breaking the cap further south along the dryline. Sure, if you want to go to KS and case a sure thing, go for it. I can guarantee you storms. If something pops in OK, it will be supercellular and, depending on how the next few runs turn out, could have sufficient parameters for torna - ah, I don't want to say it. Wind and hail will be the primary threat - there will be absolutely NO tornadoes on Sat... period.
There, that should bag me one!

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