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Nowcast for 9/30/05 part X

An extention of the tornado warning for the western OK storm in Comanche County mentions the storm has A HISTORY OF PRODUCING TORNADOES. I just checked the SPC storm reports page that was updated at 9:31pm and nothing was showing except hail reports. I wonder who saw what and when?
Looking at radar, I don't see any reason at all for there to be a torn warning on this storm except for maybe crappy ground reports.
The one interesting thing I see here is the warning continues to state that this cell is moving at 30mph. If you combine the two warnings together, time-wise, the storm should be in OKC by the time they expire! So, there is apparently a little over estimation of storm speed on the AWIPS. Why doesn't a met interpret this as being a little speedy and slow it down a little in text?
I wonder if what I just wrote made sense?

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