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Nowcast 9/28/05

Sitting here working from home today and awaiting this squall line to fill in that is related to the cold front pushing south out of KS.
It is so nice to say the word COLD front and not mean "cool" front. I have been accustomed to having a cold front come through and planning on a few hours of cooler air or maybe not even that, just a wind shift. This is a full-on cold front with all the fixins!
The front is still to our north right now but will be through the area within a few hours. Ahead of it will be some good rain with some embedded t-storms with a threat of wind and hail. Woo Hoo!
Since I am at home and LI's, CAPE, Helicity and even some of the combo svr models are bulls eyeing Tulsa, I guess I am in a good spot! I have my camera set up to point to the back yard. Ya never know, maybe a good bit of wind will come through and I can sell a little video... BONUS!
Anyway, back to the COLD front... Not only will temps be beautiful for the remainder of the week (downright chilly at night), but the initial northerly wind after the front should gust to 35mph which makes for a true winter-time feeling.
I love Fall, Spring and Winter in that order. I dislike summer unless I am on my boat... That is the ONLY time I enjoy summer. Winter is a great time, what with the holidays, snow (very little but...) and of course, no allergies!
So... Enjoy this COLD front and welcome to Fall!

Hello Fall!