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Bustola 10-01-05

Matt P., Justin T., Joseph T., Mike G. and yours truly headed to Enid today for what would become my first blue-sky bust in 2005. Yep, 245 miles and nothing to show for it - aside from the fact that we didn't travel 800 miles with nothing to show for it (please refer to my 2002 chase season).
Up until today, even with the crappy year I have had, I've not experienced a blue-sky bust...
Looks like unless the cold front Wednesday pans out, I will be wrapping up 2005 svr wx wise as I will be very busy after this week and unable to chase. It is kinda weird to think the chase year is over - but then again I'll be preparing for the spring season in four short months from now.
Random thought - - - - - Hey mattpatt, get a damn blog!

SPC Extended Forecast

OU Explosion!!!!