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Hurricane Katrina Update V

Katrina's eye is well inland and as I write I count 8 active tornado warnings in the eyewall area. Local news feeds are nearly impossible to access now as bandwidth is gobbled up as the west coast wakes up and decides to be interested. I love the local newsfeeds though. People are very interesting when they are stressed out. You can tell when you take the teleprompter away, these people are lost.
Another funny thing that happens when watching live TV on the internet is you tend to get to see the feed before it goes live. This means you are seeing what the engineers at the station are seeing but you're not supposed to be seeing it.
Earlier I watched as a photog stepped on a nail which was right after the reporter mentioned not telling anyone "what we did last night". She had a wedding ring on and I am pretty sure her husband was not there with her... Of course what they did might not actually be what I want to believe they did. What I want to believe they did makes for better television though. I love it when they think no one is watching...

So, reports are still scarce. I have seen several pictures of buildings with windows blown out, roof damage, Superdome damage and tons of flooding reports. The stories I keep hearing and reading are about people trapped in their attics are unreal. That would be one really, really bad way to go... slow.
I really don't understand why people who live in hurricane prone areas don't have a better plan. I live in what some consider to be the heart of tornado alley and my wife and I have a plan of action should something happen.
If you are in an area where rising water would be an issue, I think the attic would be a nice refuge providing the surge does not overtake the entire home. If I lived there though, I would think ahead and perhaps have an axe or at least a hammer in the attic somewhere. That's me though.
Back to looking around for new information. I'll post when I know more.

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