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Hurricane Katrina Update II

As I write, Katrina is about 170 south of New Orleans. The pressure center is at 904 which is 2mb higher than at the last flythrough. What does this mean? Well, possible a general drop in intensity or a cycling of the eye.
NHC made a good point in their 10:00pm CDT statement about the replacement of the eye wall. If it begins a cycling mode, that will actually expand the damage path due to the evolution of the eye wall and its elongation. If there is an elongation upon landfall, winds, while they might not be as high, will cover more area, thus moving more water and increasing storm surges.
Also as I write, there is a tornado warning for the county New Orleans is in. The storm is moving west at 52mph. The cell itself has 100MPH winds indicated by doppler and does have rotation in the mid and lower levels. Wow.
I really don't know what to write at this point. I have watched the coverage all day on TV while looking at info online pertaining to New Orleans, past hurricanes that have hit N.O. , reading about the Superdome and forecasting. I still am at a loss for words on this one.
The shear magnitude of this storm is impossible to comprehend. Thinking about the fact that the city is an average of 9 feet below sea level is just one issue. The rest involve the levee breakage and flooding. Oil and sludge, sewer, swamp animals, mud, human remains and the general trash you find in New Orleans every day - all floating around. Then there is the aftermath of a flooded city in a humid climate. Once the clean-up is over, then mold issues and other indoor and outdoor environmental problems arise.
On another note - the Superdome is one of the most insane places I can think of to transform into a shelter. To invite 25,000 citizens into a large span roof building that will not deflect wind as well as a smaller structure and has never survived a storm of this strength is simply insane. Another interesting fact is that the field (where refugees are sleeping tonight) is at the flood level. If a levee breaks or is overcome, the people seeking shelter will end up having to climb up to higher areas in the stadium to stay dry. Geez.
Last, I have been watching Fox News and Geraldo. This guy is a dick. I mean yes, the facts are facts, N.O. is in a ton of trouble but his approach to news and specifically this event is not what the area needs to hear at this time. Why this guy is still on TV is beyond anything I can understand. Still, I watch him; awaiting his next live TV train wreck which occurs approx every 30 minutes.
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