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Forecast for 9/13/05 part VII

Okay, I have officially beat a dead horse, again and again.
I am sticking with my original forecast from Sunday morning. As I mentioned in my last post, I see opportunity much like today in the forecast for Tues. With variables present in NC OK, I have to say I believe this is where the most potential is for a discrete supercell.
There will be development along the cold front in KS and MO but a renegade sup in OK (hopefully) is where the action will be as the cold front development will quickly go linear.
The renegade cell I am wish-casting will be at an intersection in my earlier forecast area along the cold front where a dry punch will be present buy 21z. Some upper level support will arrive a little before trigger time but other than that, all variables are in check.
More around 06z rendering.

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