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9/13/05 Report From The Road

The title of this chase will be "Driving Ms. Daisy" I think. I'm sitting in the back of Chuck Allison's chase van (because the front seat is gone to make room for his computer desk) feeling a little bit like I am on a business trip and being shuttled to my hotel. I'll take this trip over the best business trip any day though as we are on our way to Tonkawa, OK for what looks to be a quite active day in NC OK.
As I write I am relying on RUC and hourly mesoscale updates. I am happy with what I see and am very surprised at the -8 LI's covering most of central OK and 4000 CAPEs in a small area west of Enid.
Vertical velocities are great today with a bulls eye on our Blackwell, OK target. Moisture convergence is good, upper level winds will be good.
I will go back and spell check this stuff later. My internet connection kinda sucks right now.

9/13/05 Report From The Road II

Forecast for 9/13/05 part X