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9/13/05 Chase log

Chuck Allison and I departed Broken Arrow at around noon today with a target of Blackwell, OK in NC OK. We met up with Justin Teague and Joseph T. in Tulsa and quickly departed with an immediate destination of McDonalds for lunch on the Cimarron Turnpike, then on to Blackwell.By the time we got to the Tonkawa, OK area we were seeing potential across the state line in SC KS around the I-35 corridor. After a 40 minute stop at a hotel with free high-speed wireless internet, we decided the best play would be about 30 miles to our east around Arkansas City, KS.Sure enough, we departed with a storm in Independence, KS in our sights hoping something would indeed pop in or around Arkansas City. Like clockwork, a cell went up around the Winfield, KS area and was tracking NE at about 25-30. This storm would later slow and turn due east.As we chased this now well defined supercell up and down just about every chat-covered county road in SC KS, the storm cycled regularly with each cycle being very short. Generally a cycle is supposed to be around 9 minutes - at least that is what I have read in three different wx related books. Maybe someone can comment on this and confirm for me...We hopped off the initial storm we were on and caught up with the monster now situated about 30 NW of Sedan, KS. This storm was beautiful on radar but the lower levels showed little to no rotation. Updrafts were very strong though which made for great video that didn't have to be timelapsed!!! hehJust NW for Sedan by about 6 miles, we intercepted a beautiful sunset. This was the most interesting storm-related sunset I have ever shot. In my video I have the sunset, a wall cloud, a shelf cloud in association with a gust front, rain shafts in three different locations in the storm and of course wind moving leaves swiftly across my shot. This is some of my favorite video from the 2005 season. That is not saying much.We departed the sunset and started back to Tulsa via Sedan who was getting hit hard by a strong gust front. Justin Teague shot some pics of the damage there so check out his posts at stormguy.com.Chuck and I stopped in Bartlesville on our way home for a video upload for him (Fox Tulsa) since his station starts the news at 9:00pm. I waited and uploaded from his house in Broken Arrow since I didn't have to have mine turned in til 9:50 or so.Overall it was a good chase and lots-o-fun.

9/14/05 - Crash and Burn

9/13/05 Pictures